Mentoring / Coaching

Tailored2Connect coaches and mentors use a holistic approach along with various effective frameworks to assist people to maximise life and establish and build on their wellbeing, purpose, success and satisfaction with life.
Tailored2Connect offer a service of coaching and mentoring through the provision of suitably qualified and experienced professionals.

Attributes of our coaches/mentors:
1. Genuinely enjoy being with people

2. Work from a strengths-based perspective

3. Believe in the positive potential of all people

4. Have developed ways of being with and engaging people in relationship and conversation that enable the building of a professional working alliance

Coaching / Mentoring Framework:

Hospitality – through presence and small practical gestures creating a welcoming environment for the coaching/mentoring appointment in which the person is likely to feel valued and respected

Active listening – being deeply present to the person’s story, picking up on key feelings, thoughts and the messages of body language

Goal setting – assisting the person to identify goals that are personally meaningful and realistic in terms of their social environments

Resource development – assisting the person to identify resources within themselves, their social environments and broader sources that have relevance to their goals

Planning – assisting the person to work out strategies and steps and to set timelines for progress towards goals

Review and Celebrate – to create the space for de-briefing and review on actions and to celebrate achievements small and large