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Principles and Practices of the Helping Relationship

(A Youth Worker's Perspective)

By Dr Phil Daughtry (PhD)

Phil Daughtry eBook WORKING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE Part 1

Working With Young People

Without a doubt, this resource is a must-read for anyone working with young people in either a professional or voluntary capacity. Whether a youth worker, social worker, teacher, counsellor, sports coach or parent, Dr Phil Daughtry shares with you his personal reflections and professional experiences from an adventurous journey in youth work.


Phil has 20 years experience as a youth worker in faith-based, community services and education settings. He is also the founder of Tabor Adelaide’s youth work degree and the manager of Tabor’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
His current participation in the youth sector includes serving on the board of governors for Re-Engage Youth Services, as a member of the consultative committee for the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies and as a co-director of Tailored to Connect consultancy (education, mentoring and professional development). He is also active in various initiatives to promote the professionalisation of youth work in South Australia.
He has published in the area of the relationship between the sacred and secular in youth work and youth work curriculum, and in youth worker attributes.
As a devoted husband, father, lecturer and mentor, Phil is less concerned with the letters after his name, nor the expanse of his credentials, and would rather be found in reflective conversation upon a grassy knoll or riding into the sunset on his beloved motorbike.


Endorsements for “Working With Young People – Part 1

"This is exactly the type of literature the youth sector needs" - Kerrie Sellen, Manager, Re-Engage Youth Services, Adelaide, SA

"In many contexts negative adult responses to young people create unnecessary difficulties. Phil's book describes why and how adults need to change." - Dr Trudi Cooper (PhD), Associate Professor Youth Work, School of Psychology and Social Science, Edith Cowan University, Perth, WA

"In his unique and down to earth style we are taken on an energising journey of contemporary practice with subtle links to human stories and practical examples." - Andrew Berkinshaw, Senior Lecturer / Program Leader (Youth Work/Youth Justice) TAFE SA

"Phil eloquently pulls together many threads (such as sociology, psychology and personal experience) to weave a tapestry representing the basis of contemporary Australian Youth Work." - Dean Williamson, Director, Primitive Communities, Sydney, NSW

"This is a fantastic resource for anyone who works with young people and will definitely feature on our reading list for students and in our lectures" - Maxine Green, Principal and Chief Executive, YMCA George Williams College, London (UK)

" ... a reflective work interspersed with practical strategies, metaphors, case studies, wisdom, personal anecdotes, research and even song lyrics." - Sean Lappin, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Connected Self, Adelaide, SA

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Coming up in the next edition:

 Chapter 4: Something more than just a chat: principles and practices of the helping conversation

Chapter 5: What that young person needs is a really, really good listening to: the central skill of meaningful work with young people

Chapter 6: Keeping the relationship safe: ethical considerations and boundaries

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