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City of Onkaparinga, Aberfoyle Park High School and Tailored 2 Connect  - Wellbeing program for young people

‘I can already feel the benefits of using some of the skills’, young person 1.

‘I am practicing mindfulness before bed and noticing I fall asleep quicker and sleep better’, young person 2.

‘I am now aware of what my strengths are and how to use them in my life’, young person 3.

‘I have really enjoyed being part of the program and think it is really useful’, young person 4.

t2c_mayorSasha and Priscilla receiving the community grant by cheque from Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg of the City of Onkaparinga, to run the program.


prof_ment One Day Retreat 

Our retreat day is about self-care, time-out, space, and re-orientation to the things that bring you joy, hope and meaning.

‘I feel nourished. Thank you.’ Jerusha

‘Thanks again for Saturday (Retreat), was so good! It was so grounding to have a day focused on positivity and time to really focus on yourself! The atmosphere created just made it so easy to share and get along with others.’ Casey

"I enjoyed every aspect of the retreat, it was relaxing, fun, interesting and thought provoking – I highly recommend’. Bec


90_logo Hi all I wanted to share with you how the 90 days to a healthier you has been helping me. Some of you may not know but I am a Naturopath and yoga teacher I strive to be happy, healthy and eat well. For a while now there have been some extra changes I wanted to make these had been in my thoughts nearly everyday with out action! Joining the 90 days has given me the inspiration, network and tools I need to implement this! It has made me want to step up and take action, I feel more awake, creative, positive and fit! I have given myself a reason to commit to taking on these challenges and make the changes I want for myself. Thank you Sasha Ritson from Tailored 2 Connect for suggesting the program Sam


Girls Group. This year Girls Group has been held on Thursday’s during the lunch break. Girls from all year levels were welcome to join in on the activities and make new friends. Run by Sasha, Girls Group was developed as an Engagement and Leadership Program that builds on relationships and confidence of the girls. The activities run at Girls Group change every week. Some activities that were ran this year include, song writing workshop, dance lessons, cupcake making, organisation of charity events, DJ lessons and being involved in all school events. These activities are not only taught to the girls but the girls are encouraged to show other members of the group what skills they are proud of and teach these skills to one another. Girls Group activities not only build on confidence and leadership but also organisational, team and life skills. The girls that participated in Girls Group this year formed great friendships and were always very keen to participate in all activities. Through out the year all the girls have grown in confidence and their ability to work as a team and organise events.

Stephanie Caminitis Teacher at Willunga High


Westminster School SA

Video Testimonial - Terry McDevitt

Teacher, Westminster School SA